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Ace Portfolio
Ace Portfolio DVD Case

A great alternative to the Nexpak StackPak (no longer manufactured) the ACE Portfolio has more capacity, a thinner profile and better security in a robust case! Maximize your fulfillment dollar and economize your packaging cost with the ACE Portfolio for your upcoming projects.  Packaging is 60 pieces per carton.  Shipped from our California location.

  • Holds 6 CDs or DVDs
  • 25 mm spine (1 inch)
  • Fits most standard packaging for multiple discs
  • Improved finger footholds secure up to 6 discs in a single nest, stacked
  • Easy assembly with no hub drops for a great presentation
  • Booklet clips allow you to include booklet up to 25 pages
  • Integrated holders molded into the spine and base secure both standard booklet and discs
  • Outer sleeve for your artwork