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CD\DVD Duplication
Digitally Printed CDs
Get your discs duplicated and add visual impact to your marketing or software package with printing on your CDs or DVDs. A full color digitally printed CD or DVD is a great way to grab attention.  Why settle for a plain label on your CD when digital printing is so affordable?

Quick and affordable duplication of your content is a specialty of ours.

From short run CDs and DVDs to high volume custom printed discs, we offer the highest quality digital printing and disc duplication services available.  Our strict standards and inspection process for duplication and digital printing insure that your discs look great and play correctly. 

Digital Documents makes the previously impossible both practical and affordable. Our unique digital printing capability even allows you to individualize each disc by printing a unique serial number or perhaps your customer's name and address on each CD.  How you take advantage of our services is limited only by your imagination!

The unique advantages of custom digital printing are:

  • Affordable and cost effective even for small quantities 
  • 600 dpi - the highest resolution available
  • No films, screens, plates, or ink charges
  • No color-to-color registration problems
  • Greatly reduced set up time
  • Total customization possible on each disc
  • Great turn around time
  • Terrific customer service 

Put your duplicated CD into a C-Shell and your product will really stand out.  For more information give us a call toll free 888-556-5563!

CD Duplication Pricing
DVD Duplication Pricing
Art Preparation