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Memories Converted to DVD
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Memories Converted to DVD

 Convert Audio, Video, ald Slides to DVD

Video, Audio, Slides & Film Transfers and Conversion

Now is the time to ACT.  The quality of your old video, audio, film and slides can be lost as these formats degrade over time and use, and as the technology to view them becomes antiquated.

Rather than loose all those precious memories preserve your treasured images and audio by converting your VHS tapes, audio tapes and 8mm or 16mm film or slides to DVD, CD or other media.


We specialize in video, film, slides and audio formats to digital and archive formats and offer competitive pricing and individualized customer support and service!


  • Wedding Videos - what a great anniversary gift that will last forever!
  • Family Life - parents with videos that may become unplayable can preserve them for future generations to view.
  • Family Vacation Footage - combine all your favorite vacation tapes on a DVD so theyll last forever.
  • Special Events - make DVDs of those extra special events (graduations, baptisms, Sweet 16s, bar/bat mitzvahs, or even the birth of your child) to cherish and share.
  • Carousels or Boxes of Slides - many of us have old slides that we would love to view in a format that is convenient and will preserve them for the future.
  • Cherished Audio - the voices and music you have recorded can be preserved on CD's for ease of listening and sharing.
  • Corporate Sales and Training Materials - an excellent way to impress prospective clients with a crystal clear DVD that can be used in a laptop or output to a large screen TV.

Data from VHS tapes can be combined onto one DVD. Titles or chapter markers can be added or blank footage can separate content. Charges are only for visible footage.


All originals will be returned with your order. To order download our order form and ship the media you want to convert with order form to:  Digital Document Systems, 8 Colonial Way, Malvern, PA 19355.  Upon receipt we will contact you to discuss your project.  If you have any questions, please give us a call toll free 888-556-5563 or email us at [email protected].

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