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Special Occasions CDs

Class Reunion

Family Reunion CD

Looking for something unique for your class reunion, graduation, wedding, bar mitzvah, baby shower or any other special event?

Create a personal memento for your family and friends by sharing a CD or DVD filled with memorable images or meaningful music. Make it heartfelt and serious or let your creative juices flow and make a humorous and lighthearted favor for all to enjoy. How great for everybody to take home a CD or DVD that reminds them of this important time in their lives!

Our Special Occasion Packages give you the opportunity to make your event EXTRA SPECIAL.
Looking for CDs or DVDs for your wedding?  Be sure to visit our Wedding CD page!

Enclose the CDs or DVDs in unique clear or transparent color CShells so that your artwork will show through.
Creating these mementos will be one of the easiest things you can do to make your day special! We are happy to help you with any questions or assist with designing your CD or DVD artwork. Just call Susan or Debbie at 888-556-5563 for details.


50 Digitally Printed CDs - $135.00 + s/h


100 Digitally Printed CDs - $170.00 + s/h


150 Digitally Printed CDs - $240.00 + s/h


200 Digitally Printed CDs - $315.00 + s/h


250 Digitally Printed CDs - $345.00 + s/h

Duplication add $ .20 per CD.
Call 888-556-5563 or email info@digidocsystems.com for more information!