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USB Flash Drives

Promotional USB flash drives are the hottest thing in marketing. These small devices allow your information to be presented in a customized and cutting-edge way. This is a terrific piece on which you can place a custom logo for long lasting brand awareness while providing a useful technology device for your customers.  Please call Toll Free 888-556-5563 or email info@digidocsystems.com for pricing.

  • Content can be provided via CD or USB Flash Drive
  • DVD Video does not play directly from a Flash or USB Drive 
  • Your company name/logo will remain in front of your customers as they use the USB drive over and over again
  • Wide range of GB capacity available

USB Drives cannot reliably auto run like a CD can because some user's computers aren't formatted to allow an external device to auto run. If a USB drive is set up for auto run and the computer does not allow an external device to auto run, then a window will open to ask you how you want to deal with the files on the drive (run, look at a list of files, etc.)  You will still be able to access the files on the drive; it just won't automatically start the program.

Prices change from day to day due to the cost of the USB drives.  For more information or to obtain a price quote please call Toll Free 888-556-5563 or email info@digidocsystems.com